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The first chapter of Wandering the World is Boats. I divide that into all the types of boats on which I have experienced adventures: Sailboats and Racing Sailboats, Kayaks and Canoes, Whitewater Rafts, Expedition Ships, Live-aboard Small Boats, Local Tour Boats, Ferries and last and least, Cruise Ships. I will add blog entries here about some of these same adventures (with more photos and color photos) plus new boat adventures I will continue to have. While I no longer own a sailboat and have fewer opportunities to charter yachts in exciting parts of the world, I still seek opportunities to be on a boat where ever I go. That is my favorite way to experience the world, which is why I started the book with BOATS. If you have enjoyed the book, I hope you will enjoy these entries as well. If you have not read the book, perhaps you will be enticed to read it!

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