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  • Peggy Simonsen

I'm Happy when I'm Sailing

“Smooth Seas never made a skilled sailor”

The first chapter of Wandering the World is Boats. But of all the kinds of boats I wrote about that I have been on all over the world, my favorite is always sailboats. I wrote about sailing on Lake Michigan over the years, but wasn’t able to include lots of photos, so here are more, showing both the happy times at the wheel as well as some action shots in races. Racing makes a skilled sailor, especially on Lake Michigan which can have wild swings in weather, wind and waves. Read more about my experiences on Mackinac races from Chicago to the north end of Lake Michigan (300+ miles) and through the straits of Mackinac to Lake Huron in that chapter.

Since I no longer have my own boat, I am lucky to have a generous friend who does, who invites us diehard sailors out often. We’re coming to the end of the sailing season on Lake Michigan (before the gales of November as Gordon Lightfoot sang about.) So I am doing a blog post to close the season until I can sail again, maybe on the Indian Ocean next summer. (Stay tuned for new adventures!)

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