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  • Peggy Simonsen

Sailing the Turquoise Coast

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

One of the most enjoyable experiences on a small live-aboard boat was on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Turquoise is French for Turkish, and the water is truly turquoise. The gulets are small traditional sailboats that hold 8 passengers plus a crew of captain, first mate and chef. We sailed or motored, depending on the wind, and went ashore to explore all the ancient ruins. Most are quite aways back from shore, as the shoreline has expanded in the last 3000 years!

One day we hiked from one anchorage across the low mountains to the next site, while the boat moved to the new site to meet us. Hot and tired after the several-hour hike, we were glad to put on our swimsuits and swim in the clear, warm Mediterranean. Cleopatra’s baths, rock constructions mostly underwater, were a gift from Mark Anthony over 2000 years ago. We don’t know if she ever swam or soaked in them, but we sure enjoyed doing so.

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